Entry #19

Priam strangled Duke Maulthar Goretheon and tossed his lifeless body over the banister. The monster vanished and the clay golem smote Rulpsen’s sabrecat form down. Priam is gone and the Duke is vanquished. So now we must face the golem. Ozhar rushed in, spells fligning, what luck! The team surrounded the golem and destroyed it.

We collect the Duke’s possessions and move up the stairs to Goretheon’s chamber. There we find the Duke’s familiar, a raven named Blackwise. The creature is pleased its master has been slain. It helped us recover Duke Goretheon’s writings. He kept track of some of the Last Heroes’ travels. In his notes it says that the write of Willon was last seen in the Arrenil and Golardreth’s Gaze was last believed to be somewhere in Silvenil. However it would seem that Priam has taken these items.

We climb up the stairs to the roof to find the Kallonian Imperial troops have taken the wall of the fortress. Hedherijannikker used a spell to get the soldiers’ attention and announced the defeat of the Duke. The battle is over and the Kallonian commander, Captain Feldrias, addressed us. We are permitted to return to our ship and crew; our journey to the Verdwyld continues. Aether buried his father and we set sail.

During the journey Gregory Floman deciphered some of the Duke’s writings. It suggests that something is to be found in Kallonsport. Something about a guide and that perhaps there’s a dragon or some ruins or something nearby that will lead to a magic ring, likely the Eye of Elias.

We sail for several days and spot some Imperial ships on the horizon. During the trip Aethr read some of Duke Goretheon’s journal. Apparently Priam approached the Duke and promised him great power so long as they sacrifice a great number of innocents. These are vile men.

When we reached Kallonsport we find that the city is in a great deal of commotion. The rulers of the Eight Families have elected to cede from Kallonia. That explains the number of Imperial Vessels along the river. The locals say the city is now called Freeport; no doubt the Empire will have something to say about that. Here the air is warm and heavy. To the East are great green mountains.

We asked around town looking into any knowledge on sites of power, ruins, dungeons and dragons. We found a filthy fat dwarf who claims to have gone deepest into the Verdwyld jungle. I cured the drunken dwarf of his sickness and began questioning him. He says the jungle is a dangerous and mysterious place. The dwarf described a dungeon temple he and his lads entered. There they found carvings on the walls depicting sacrifice. They kept searching, but each night a member of their company was taken. They eventually encountered bipedal lizard creatures doing battle with each other. Four of their dwarven allies were brutally executed by a lizard priest. This bloody ceremony issued forth a giant dragon. The rest of the dwarf’s company were killed. He fled, but was not the same when he returned. We entreated his aid to guide us into the jungle to the temple.


RJONeil SeanRFreund

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