Entry #20

We meet with Glent Brofford and he agreed to guide us into the jungle. It is going to be an arduous trek. We stop at a friend of Glent’s to stable our horses. We start our journey by hiking along the river. Our first camp is built by the bank; woodcutters and laborers camp out here.

The jungle is hot and misty; there are many exotic birds and other creatures I have never seen before. Now that we are into the thick of the jungle it gets very dark at night. There are eyes and other creatures that spy on us. There are bugs and briers that make this trip truly awful. My legs and lungs burn a little; we must be getting higher. Its also getting cooler, rainy, and a little windy.

Some of our allies are able to tell that those eyes that have been watching us in the night are reptile-creatures. Perhaps these creatures are Glent’s lizards. Ozhar conjures a somewhat real horse for anyone to ride; this is a magical horse that can walk over mud and other debris without any issue. Glent saddles up and we continue. Gregory Floman has contracted some kind of illness; his skin is covered in red welts and boils. He is diseased with some form of jungle fever. He is winded and weary, so I removed his suffering with a spell and prayer. That night we rest in a planar pocket created by Ozhar – free of bugs.

One day a few miles up the cliffs of the jungle we are snared by a trap. Vincent spotted a lizard-man shortly before we all fell into a spike pit. The lizard hunters surround our pit and began speaking. Gregory Floman said something and then portaled us to the surface. The lizards rattle their weapons and began chanting “mess-ha-wek!” and then addressed in draconic. The lizard man said that we were expected by a female lizard creature named Xoxicuzato or “garden of flowers” in draconic. The lizard-men escort us along a narrow path between spike traps. For six hours we travel before we reach a rocky ledge and waterfall. We step through a darkned crack in the rock and come out into a sunset valley. The mountain sides are covered in stone houses. At the far side of the valley is a sold gold pyramid. Not all the kings of old Valguard and Kallonia had so much gold. This is the land of Xoxoctlaca “the children of the garden of flowers.”

This place looks like any human settlement; there are folk farming, smithing, sparring and so forth. We are the first “non-scaled” creatures to have come here. Apparently our coming has been prophesied. We are brought to a large clearing before the pyramid and a winged lizard-man greets us. He is bedecked in a brightly colored feathery regalia. This creature must be a king or priest; it has a great bearing. He welcomes us and bids us to speak to their great mother. He introduces himself as Kamaxoxhi, the messenger for Xoxicuzato. Evidently it is a feat day and we are not permitted to speak to the “Great Mother” until we eat. We are seated down before a large table to feed. We are given a set of jewels and feathered mantles to dress us finely as guests. I suspect we are going to be fed to their mother, which I suspect is a dragon. We are marched up to the gold pyramid and there are many many lizard creatures with drums and colorful dress.

The messenger, The Mouth of Xoxicuzcato, announces that this ceremony will produce a new mouth. The speaker threw himself down on a ritual orb, felling himself on a blade, his blood draining onto the glass sphere. A melee of lizard warriors breaks loose and we prepare our spells and march up the stairs. At the top of the pyramid we find a gold dragon statue. We go inside and descend a great staircase leading inward. As we walk a green orb appears before us, several eyelids slide open and an eye of a dragon opens before us. A terrible voice is heard. It speaks; we have arrived on a foreseen day which occurs every four years. The dragon explains there are even more powerful evils than the dragons or gods. Priam came before us eight years ago and attempted to take the Eye of Elias. An ancient evil known as Sargolath has corrupted the dragon and stolen the treasure we seek. She bids us to enter her domain, the treasure piles are magnificent! Her scales are a deep emerald; not even the grandest of stories serve as justice to the enormity of Xoxicuzcato. The dragon points us towards a tentacle monster in its lair and bids us to slay it. We leap down into the monster’s gullet and are pulled into its insides.

We fall down a disgusting tunnel of living flesh and mucus. The tunnel drops us off into an organic chamber filled with nasty creatures. The team butchered the monsters. We pass through into the next organic tunnel. Our passage is dark, wet and burns with acid. We find ourselves in a large chamber where I can hear a low pulsing sound. Suspended from six muscled arms is a mass of flesh. On its face is a great eye and mouth with numerous eyes-stalks. It boomed a great voice announcing itself as Sargolath, herald of Isothogga.


RJONeil SeanRFreund

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