Entry #21

The floor is coated in a thick, ankle-deep mucus. Along the perimeter of the chamber are six, colored stalks of muscle and mucus. In the center of the chamber is a great creature to behold! With its haunting gaze our magical powers are suppressed and Sargolath, this many-eyed creature, speaks. It taunts us and tells us that it will kill us for its master, Isothogga, Sargolath also admits that Priam came before us and is collecting all the relics of the Last Heroes. Four mutant-lizard creatures are called from the filth. Another creature appears before us from the pool of mucus with an amorphous form with many mouths and spouting words of madness. Ozhar and Aethr destroyed a lizard-mutant and it burst into a swarm of instects. These insects attack and overwhelm Worak. The gibbering mass of mouths seized me, but I was able to shrug it off and resist its evil power.

Hedherijannikker created several illusory walls to blind Sargolath, but it was only partially successful. The party begins spreading out and attacking the pillars of muscle and mucus, except Aethr who turned and attacked Gregory Floman. By the hells! The mouth creature is burning me with acid and now those insects are swarming over me. I am blinded by acid and bugs.

Ozhard destroyed one of the pillars with a force spell! Rulpsen smote another fleshy pillar with a Flamestrike spell, perhaps the fight is turning for the better. Finally Worak slew the gibbering beast.

We pressed our attack and Sargolath threw many magical rays at us. At last Aethr used great arcane might, flew up to the many-eyed beast and slew it with a mighty blow. In its death throes the organic structure began collapsing and we fled. In the fighting Rulspen was transformed into stone, but Jaramin swept up the amulet relic. We see the wretched beast plaguing the dragon’s trove fall deep into a black chasm.

Xoxicuzato appears before us and brings our party to the upper level. She changed form to that of a fair lady with green hair and reptilian eyes. She explained to us that Isothogga is a truer and greater evil than the dark gods or chromatic dragons. She further explains that Priam was the prophet of Isothogga, so this evil has a face… we are given a great treasure and take with us the Eye of Elias. Xoxicuzato went on to tell us that a blue dragon from the sea of Razure has fallen ill or become lost. This dragon olds the Black Bane Banner. Perhaps these two items are enough to defeat Priam Wolftongue.

Hedherijnnikker stepped forward and took off his hat and explained to us that he had to leave. He must hunt down Priam on his own terms along his own path. He will return to the seas and search the waves, ports, captains and scallywags of Aenor in search of our foe. To him Xoxicuzcato gave the magic boat of the Last Heroes, a folding ship. Jaramin and he had a moment, after all it was their uncle that brought them together.

We are gifted mighty treasures and our team officially becomes known as “The Warriors of Greywater Keep.”


RJONeil SeanRFreund

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