Entry #18

We march out from Red For to Lakehold. There we considered purchasing passage on a barge to cross down stream, but ultimately we saddled up and c hose to ride two days south. here we reach Stoneford where we stay a night. The Kallonian army is building out their ranks. A robed man enters the tavern and identifies himself as a Senior Artificer, Jaramir Stritt is his name. He explains that Bartameus went about hiring us for this mission in the wrong way. Jaramir offered us a king’s bounty for the return of the artifacts of the Last Heroes. He warned us that if we do not accept this offer that the Artificers will come after us. The Duke of Stoneford has escaped to a fortress in the South. There is a book of lore which contains an account of the Last Heroes. We are introduced to Priam Wolftongue, a scholar-knight. He has a much kinder tone than Jaramir. Duke Goretheon seems more important we may originally have thought. The son of Duke Goretheon, Aethr, explains that his father is an evil man. We proceeded to discuss how we might enter the Duke’s keep.

We set out by boat. Duke Goretheon has many loyal men and himself a powerful spellcaster. The plan is to disguise Aether as our prisoner and talk our way inside.

As we arrive the keep and tower come into view; it looks like a study fortification. Hedherijannikker convinced the gate guard that we are bounty hunters with the Duke’s son as our prisoner. We are allowed inside, but then Kallonian riders were spotted and the guards assumed we were with them.

Swords are drawn, spells are cast and chaos ensues. Battle begins and we fight our way to the bridge leading to the keep. We rush inside and engage Duke Goretheon. The wizard duke has a Golem statue at his guard and call. Our new companion, Prium, took Yurt’s Fist, the mighty gauntlet of Yurt the Barbarian, from Hedherijannikker and grabbed the wizard by the throat. How can this be!? The strongest of us could not lift Yurt’s Fist, yet this newcomer can wield it with ease. Prium then lunged a black tentacle from his mouth, gripped the duke and begun throttling the life from him. A magical effect wore off and revealed a mystic amulet and mighty tome on Prium’s body. He has the artifacts of the Last Heroes! We are betrayed.

Entry #17

Gregory Floman tells us that Greenhaven is the present capital of Kallonia, but in the old days Red Fort was the original capital. After all, we are looking for any sign of the Last Heroes. We bid farewell to Baron Alexander and ride out from Decedrest to the South. We cross the river of Primum and meander down a road through the forest and corss into the mountains. WE come before an impressive bridge where I can see the city of Primum on the southern bank. Soldiers at the bridge tell us that the Empire of Kallonia has claimed Primum as their rightful land. Jaramin convinced the guard that we are friendly to the Empire of Kallonia. As we pass down the main road a soldier warns us of a strictly enforced curfew. A few bells and increased guard presence reinforces this, so we turn in to the Five Horses Inn.

The mood of the tavern and the rest of the town are dismal. The folk of Primum seem dismayed and upset with the local Imperial Garrison. We go the office of the local authority, a small gathering of rowdy townsfolk have begun accosting the guards station there. We are admitted inside because of our obvious stature. Jaramin talked his way to the administrator who gave us a seal which allows us to move freely.

We ride a day south along the road to the city of Red Fort. We make camp at a well-worn site on the side of the road. The mountains up here are windy and a bit cold. As we came through the mountain pass we entered a forest. Beyond the woods we see an impressive city, Red Fort, this is where we rest. We drank to our deeds that night. Worak brought up a good point: who are we? He asked what tribe would we be? I’m not sure, but in my home would I have become a knight had I just stayed? Would Hedherijannikker be a captain of his own ship? Never-the-less we are brave adventurers and earning quite a bit of renown. Hedherijannikker and Worak ask around about the shrine of the Lost. We head of a local goods peddler who might know where the shrine is. On the shrine (which may actually be a fountain) there is the following symbol:

The party searched the fountain and Vincent noticed the scribe’s symbol hidden on a statue’s elbow.

A commoner came by to question what we were doing near the fountain. Hedherijannikker wove an incredible lie about the plumbing guild and some other nonsense. Apparently some of the fountains have stopped working; the waters have dried up. We are brought to a foul-smelling sewer entrance and the commoner unlocked a sealed door. We climbed down a rusty ladder to the sewer depths. There are traps down here. Vincent and Jaramin began dismantling a devious wire-trap; someone down here does not want visitors. We pass through an intersection of tunnels where Rulpsen and Stifle foudn some footprints of both human and rat-like creatures. There are signs of struggle here, these creatures may have kidnapped or killed some of the city inspectors who came down this way. There’s even a small dug-out tunnel perhaps where these creatures carried someone or something off. We find that the water has been backed up because of thickly overgrown vines, branches, and brambles. Its as if a jungle is growing in the very sewers! Worak began hacking through the vines and foliage so we might pass forward. Our guide slipped and was pulled under the surface of the water. We must watch our step. There are odd green lights that provide meager illumination about us as we enter a large chamber filled with plants and waterfalls. This place is calm and smells fresh, just then a serpent creature moved in the water and we prepared ourselves. The great tentacled beast launches its assault upon us, Rulpsen and Vincent were grabbed by the monster. We traded blows with the beast and Rulpsen transformed into a shark. We continued battle and finally Rulpsen defeated the beast. The magic of the tentacle monster fled and a gnome took its place. This gnome druid was the monster, he took this form to defend his grove from the rat creatures. We argued with the gnome for a short while, but then he agreed to take us to a statue that is underground here. We are brought to a statue of a faceless man and woman standing back to back. We clear away the brush and recover a parchment. The letter reads that the Last Heroes came here and slew a terrible monster of great, ancient evil and then left for a new danger. They felt this evil was connected to a monster deep in the Verdwyld. Elias of the Last Heroes led his company after these monsters to try to put an end to some great evil they were tracking.

Entry #16

Gregory Floman has arrived from the back line; hopefully his magic will prove a deciding factor in the battle. Looking out over the parapets of the wall I see the werewolf that Worak has become engage in battle with the creature the evil baron has transformed into. Hedherjannikker has rushed to the aid of Worak. I hope the two can overcome the Baron Solnok.

They won! The two managed to slay the baron, perhaps with Solnok’s death we have greater chances for victory. The evil voice returns and accuses Baron Solnok of being too weak. Just then Baron Istvan’s son, Alexander, has taken up his father’s standard and pushed forward. The battle is finally looking in our favor.

Gregory Floman evokes a fireball spell to strike Baron Yusopov floating in the air. The magic explodes almost harmlessly upon the evil wizard. Rulpsen transformed into a bird and flew down to Worak and Hedherijannikker.

I fight my way to the wall’s edge to try to knock over a ladder. In doing so Baron Yuspov cries out that Solnok was weak and that he would claim the power of Neth for himself. The baron flew down upon us and engaged the party in open combat. Hedherijannikker conjured an illusory bridge that we made our battlefield. The fight was difficult, but I managed to decapitate the evil wizard-baron. When the head fell from Yusopov’s shoulders his form changed to a cloud! His body became mist and drifted off.

The evil voice returns and said that both barons were weak. He also said he could not be stopped and he would please the old gods. Our enemies threw down their arms and surrendered or fled.

After the melee we met with Baron Alexander, aye, Istvan is slain. The battle of Fort Barq is an evil day. I was wounded with a perilous spell and Worak’s lycanthropic ordeal has left him drained. Alexander promised to give us land and matching titles when we return from our quest.

Alexander rides us to Decedirst where his father once ruled. There we were given a handsome reward of treasure. Once there we rifled through the city archives searching for any clue or text written about the Last Heroes. There was nothing, but Alexander presented to us a glass scroll case. Inside a secret note was contained. Hedherijannikker read aloud a missive written by Brell Criften Quillfinger. The chronicle tells of a final journey the heroes embarked upon. The message says that the heroes made for the shrine of the Lost in Kallonia.

Entry #15

The ghostly knight explains to us that the disease wracking our allies’ bodies is an evil curse. Mathias defeated this disease long ago, but it has returned. Now this evil looks to destroy the last honorable noble of the land, Baron Istvan. This would bring about the end of Dravania. Mathias leaves us with a small book and a glass vial wrapped in silver wire. Gregory Floman explains that the vial’s amber liquid will cure lycantheropy if administered within three days. Naturally we return as quickly as we can to Fort Barq to save our friends. Black clouds hang low in the sky; war horns and drums can be heard. As we approach the fortress we can see Baron Istvan is arming his men and making ready for war. These are not clouds, but a great murder of crows. An army of evil this way comes.

We made for the hospital tent and provided our allies with succor from the potion. They seem okay for now, Worak and Vincent are healthier now after drinking from the vial. Baron Istvan has asked us to lead his men in battle. I agreed with all the strength in my being. This is my chance to prove myself to be as mighty as any knight!

The following day Baron Istvan rallied us to a nearby scout tower to show us the field. Today our numbers will be four hundreds defending and as many as seven hundreds on attack. The Baron’s son, Alexander, scouted the enemy position last night. We talked strategy during the morning. The plan is to split our forces, half in the fort with me and my companions. The other half will stay with Baron Istvan to ambush the rear of our enemies’ forces from the forest beyond the field.

At the moment Hederijanniker took Worak and 50 men outside of Fort Barq. I do hope we aren’t throwing these mens’ lives away.

Yusopov’s flag is white and yellow, while Solnok’s is yellow and black. Baron Istvan carries a red and yellow flag.

A messenger came to the core and offered us surrender. I rejected their terms and offered them surrender, but of course they will decline. There is battle on our hands.

They open their attack with a barrage of flaming arrows. The sun sets while we wait under our shields. The enemy brings four ladders down upon our walls, I prepare my spells and my sword… as well as my soul. I do hope we’re not making a terrible mistake. The ladders struck our walls and we are beset by foes. I slew a few men, but more outstandingly Rulpsen crushed a siege ladder with lightning. After a few moments of battle the clouds sunder a full moon shines through. A malevolent foe taunts us over the din of battle. This voice challenged us, saying this was a test put to the gods. We face a great foe.

Wolves! The moonlight reveals the true forms of our enemies. The sudden surge in werewolves put us at a disadvantage. Jaramin is not concerned and performed a valorous deed by casting down an attack ladder. Somewhere I can hear Hedherijannikker’s voice magically resonating overhead. I fought on, slaying a wolf-man with the sword of Mathias. The fighting is thick now, so I blew the horn of Istvan. This note signaled the ambush and the baron’s men rode forth. Just then the evil voice called out for the “son’s of Night” to take their true form. A cry of horror can be heard as a robed figure rises from the battle casting forth flaming magic of death.

Jaramin distinguished himself once again by harrying the enemy and providing our troops with an open flank to attack. Hedherrijannikker and Worak also struck out and attacked. Worak saw the full moon and transformed into the wolf. Hopefully he will recognize friend from foe. I too performed valorously as I held the standard tower from on coming werewolf attackers. The enemy wizard lays into the baron’s forces, slaying many. The evil voice returns and commands our enemies to press the attack. We seem to be losing the battle! Great werewolves carrying ladders come for us… this does not look good.

Entry #14

After the fight we had a look around; Worak and Vincent are hurt and Rulpsen says they are infected with some kind of disease. Hedherijannikker reminds us all of a story of werewolves and lycantheropy. Our allies are in bad shape, we took off their armor and bundled them in heavy garb.

The next day we maintain a brisk pace. We followed the Imperial Road through the forest. To the East I can see a waterfall, never have I seen such a sight. At the meeting of these rivers we find a fort with surrounding camps. There’s a sprawl of soldiers’ tents. Spears, swords, shields, and their wielders wait at the ready. There is a tension in the air like war is on the horizon. We ask around for a place to leave our sick and discover a field hospital. The soldiers here are Baron Istvan’s men; a medic explains that a recent battle has produced many many injuries. There are dozens of wounded men here. The doctor of this ward explains that Baron Istvan’s rivals, Yusopov and Solnok, have been attacking relentlessly and without reason. Baron Istvan’s armies have been pushed back to this fortress. Apparently the Baron’s knights have all been slain. The knights of Ten Lances, they were called, have been defeated. The medic explained to us that the knights went against a mighty wolf-creature and a powerful wizard and now they are all gone.

Next we make our way to the Baron’s fortress. The walls and structures within are built from wood, it appears sturdy however. We find ourselves inside and come before a weary Baron Istvan who explains that we may be able to recover a magical item that will cure the affliction of the wolf. We set out.

Our road takes us to a pair of headstones. They read: “At mid day follow the setting sun until the stars shine overhead” the second: “from there the star shows the way.”

We waited until noon and then marched west Eventually we come across a river where the party scouted a shallow crossing. Then again back into pine forests; it is a bit harder to maintain direction in this wood. We entered a grove after a time with four statues. These are the knight companions of Sir Mathias. In the starlight Gregory Floman reads “Follow the Eye of Tormos until the sun greets you at the Cerulean Serpent.” The Eye of Tormos is the elemental god of water. We follow the constellation pattern of Tormos through the night. It is an exhausting hike. At dawn we find a sheer cliff with a winding river at its base. Again we find a stone marker worn with age; it reads “Those who pay homage to the Champion of Silver walk the narrow path and let the falls judge your worth.”

We used a scroll of magic to create an illusory staircase that took us down to a cave behind the waterfall. This cave is dark, rocky, and loud from crashing water. There is a tunnel before us, so we walk deeper in. The tunnel leads us back outside where we find a stone and grassy garden. A phantom warns us not to enter, but then the light is snuffed from the area and a hooded ghost-like creature threatened to destroy us. The specter assaulted us; its flesh magically turned our blades.

The battle was trying; I nearly lost my own life. In some respects I did. I was felled by the phantom warrior, but my spirit lingered. I saw a ghostly image address my companions. The mausoleum of the Argent Champion, Mathias, opened up and my allies recovered the items of Mathias. They dressed my body in the anointed armor and my spirit was drawn to my body.

Entry #13

I hear war horns of battle and the calls of giants in combat. Worak and I rush out of the icy troll den to meet Thorval’s giants fighting the trolls. Fjorn is hurt, so Worak and myself joined the melee. Jaramin and Hedherijanniker released the trolls’ many prisoners. Among them is a soldier-looking fellow, tall and fierce. The troll king, Trazlarg, had some powerful captives. A hairy man with a heavy brow was freed who identified himself as the chief of his tribe, Chief Blurg. Jaramin freed a bear the size of a small house! This creature spoke common and said he was the prince of his kind.

Through the battle I hear a voice: “For the king!” Hedherijanniker cries out with Trazlarg Trollking’s head in his hands. Thorval Forsthand, King of the Frost Giants, brought his warriors to finish the fight we started. The camp is cleared and we rummaged through the loot and wreckage. The captives and we circle up near the king to see a reunion between father and son. King Thorval recognized the bear as Arbor; the two swore to purge their lands of evil. We recovered Yurt’s Fist, a beautiful yet simple black metal gauntlet. Its surface twinkles like the night sky and ripples subtlety with magic luster. King Thorval explained that Yurt returned the glove to the Forest Giants before heading out on one final quest. Yurt and his companions left for Decedrest. We all tried the glove on, but none of us were strong enough to wear it. Thorval went on to explain that there may be texts written by Golardreth or Willon in the library of Decedrest.

We are introduced to Jonah Gloscomerin, the human soldier taken prisoner by the trolls. Then we feasted on roast beast and mead.

The following morning we went south to reach the convergence of the Rusted River and the Dwarrowstone River where we will find a crossing that will permit us to go on. We journey along the old Imperial Road southwards. After 3 days on the road we encountered a group of Rovers; a band of halfling nomads, swindlers, and merchants. Some of the group wanted to stay and camp, some (myself included) wanted to keep moving. One of the travelers gave us a letter missive from Baron Istvan Ostyan. He calls to arms mercenaries to help fight back the evil creatures of the land. He says that Barons Yusopov and Solnok are raising hell in Dravania. He claims that barons Corvin Solnok and Vladistok Yusopov have allied themselves with “foul creatures.” His fortress, Barque, is located at the convergence of the Rusted River and Dwarrowstone.

We pass through the grassy tundra and camp near a forest road after a few days travel. In the night we are attacked by wolves! Jonah struck a killing blow to one of the wolves which transformed into a human when its body hit the ground. The one I slew was transmuted to a human as well, what sorcery is this!? These creatures are all humans; what is happening here?

Entry #12

A voice enters our ears. Before us is a giant dwarf with a blue beard and snow for skin. This creature is as tall as a house and seems a bit angry that we are on “Giant Land.” Hedherijannikker began diplomacy with the creature. The frost giant calls himself Fjorn and claims to have been tracking us for a few days. He is wary of our doings. In their talk the giants says he will take us to Thorval Frosthand, his king. We made a camp that night.

We travel for two days with Fjorn. We reach a great, frozen lake. On the lake’s shore we see a massive castle. The stones are dark and imposing. While the castle is scaled to house giants it is not terribly large for them. The yard within is sparsely populated; it appears under garrisoned. Fjorn leads us into the central keep and introduces us to his king. We began parleying with the Frost Giant king who is curious to our intent. Hedherijannikker was forthright with our quest, divulging our intent to acquire the Yurt’s Fist artifact weapon. King Thorval explains that the weapon was wielded by a famed halfling adventurer named Yurt. He was a friend of these giants and thus told us that their enemies, the trolls, stole Yurt’s Fist. The troll king, Trazlarg, commanded his thieves to rob the giant’s castle and take the Fist of Yurt. The king of the giants told us that if we bring him the head of this troll raider then he will give us the item we seek. That night we ate a feast with the king.

Worak issued a drinking contest to Fjorn, so we drank fermented mammoth’s milk. It was a potent drink. To me it tastes more like poisoned tree bark. At one point a drunken giant carried Hedherijannikker and Worak off. Over dinner the story behind Yurt’s Fist was told. Yurt challenged the giants to some kind of a contest. His reward for winning was a magic gauntlet made from the ore of a fallen star. Apparently the glove gives strength to the wielder beyond even giant’s might.

In the morning I woke with Worak wrapped around me and Hedherijannikker’s “sprinkle” freezing to the bed. We met with King Thorval and Fjorn. Our strategy is to sneak into the castle after setting a fire nearby or perhaps we drive a herd of animals as a distraction. We are provided with an adhesive avid that should wound the trolls. We ride for a few days herding the beasts Fjorn was talking about. Gregory, Vincent, and myself ride in the back forcing the animals on. Fjorn and Worak ride along the flanks keeping the herd in a rough line. We rush in towards the troll king’s camp. Fjorn held off the trolls while the herd rushed into the village. We fought our way through an icy chamber to reach the troll king. I was tripped during the fighting and then rose and decapitated the troll.

Entry #11

We now arrive in the port city of Ruwen. The Maw, an ever-churning storm and maelstrom rages on off shore. Captain Gartan takes us north. There we met Thorn Overbite, a mighty half-orc. We ate a large feast in the port and then sailed three uneventful days north to Pfaltzen. Just as our vessel was on approach a fell air blew over and the winds turned grey and cold. Is that smoke I see from the port? Dark trash fires, perhaps there is danger! Through the fog we can see ships with the sign of Baru’ul, the god of destruction. Raiders are boarding our ship!

This is a sneak attack; we grab up our weapons. Time to see if Thorn is as good at fighting as he boasts. One of the raiders is greatly enhanced with magic and nearly slew Hedherijannikker. Their champion was mighty, but our combined strength was enough to destroy the raiders. The battle was costly; several of our sailors were killed. As we picked through the dead the pirates in the harbor ahead departed.

We found the city of Pfaltzen to be badly damaged. Hedherijannikker and Jeramin went ashore to seek information. We need to decide if going up river to Vaktarn or riding our horses would be faster. After a bit of debate we decided to sail north along the river. We took our possessions on to the smaller, long ship the raiders used against us.

The river sailing is difficult and rough going. Eventually the wind changes and we are made to row. The air becomes cold and I can see ice chunks flowing in the river. We have spent a few days on the river and when we cracked the hull of the ship, drawing a minor leak, we stopped to discuss our next move and figure out how to avoid further mishaps. We continued on; the cold is great and I’ve started dispensing magic against the frost air. The wand does not have enough power to ward us for the entire journey.

Eventually Rulpsen finds the river is freezing, so we pull the ship ashore and take the rest of the journey on foot. We use our horses to pull the ship onto land. With any luck it will still be there when we return.

One night we were attacked by a large winter wolf and a troll. It was a trying battle; Rulpsen was downed and Thorn was tripped by the wolf. Jeramin slew the wolf and we ganged up against the troll. Gregory smote the troll with a flaming ray spell.

Entry #10

We unchained and treated the wounds of the “Flayed Bull” gnoll prisoners and then left. The next morning a great cloud of dust swept along the horizon, no doubt an army of angry gnolls and beasts charge on underneath. We fled to the road and made our way to Willonsgate. We then saild to Ark and returned the Rod of Bartimaeus. He accepted the rod of Everfore, but told us to return in three days. When we came back Bartimaeus’s study was a mess. He was stressed and eager to tell us some news. The professor was concerned of how calm things are. He started telling us of a heroic age of war and the coming golden age. He tells us that story of the old heroes. The struggles of these old heroes has the professor concerned. He then went on to list off a number of troubles that plague the realms.

Bartimaeus explained to us that we would need to travel to the four corners of the world to collect five items. The first being Yurt’s First, a weapon forged by Ice Giants from space metal. The second being Golardreth’s Gaze, a ring that makes safe planar travel. The next is the Eye of Elias, a gemstone that offers foresight into coming events. The fourth is the Writ of Willon, a scroll with the words of the Eight written on it who spoek to him when he resurrected his companions during their final battle. The final items is the Black Bane Banner, a nigh ancient relic, which holds great power. Bartimaeus feels if we collect these items we could seal the Maw, a rift which all evil pours from.

The professor tells us that the Yurt’s Fist item should be easiest to find. Evidently Ice Giants strode into human lands, killed who held it, and returned to their home in the Giant’s Heel, near the city of Vaktarn.

Bartimaeus tells us that the Eye of Elias was lost in the Orc’s Teeth Mountains south of Arenil.

The Write of Willon is lost in the Verdewyld just north of the Dragonspire Mountains.

Golardreth’s Gaze is said to be in the Silvenil.

Entry #9

Bartimaeus called us to his study at the academy to inform us that he has located yet another piece of this God Hand machine. He explains to us that the savages of the Southern Plains pray to a stone idol of great power. The idol houses the cache of a powerful sorcerer including the Everfore Rod. He implores us to hurry; we only have two weeks. The trouble is that the stone is shielded by an invisible force field, however if we speak the phrase “Thrice Ward” the barrier will be dispelled.

We are travelling with a few new companions, a wizard, a halfling and two dwarves. Ozhar has also returned. One of the dwarves, Brekk, looks like a snoop and warrior. Burtl is the other dwarf, he looks a self-taught warrior. The halfling says his name is Jeramintheranhalldebadiusorinker, but I think it’s just small folk trickery.

The party marched to the ship and sailed for two days to the city of Willonsgate. It looks like a trade city. The roads leading from the city are protected by mercenaries, but it looks like an indirect route to our destination. We decided to go off the road and cross the open country. This will be dangerous, but faster.

Sure enough we encountered gnolls who say we are trespassing on their lands. These gnolls apparently are enemies of the tribe who guard the stone we are after. A bit of discussion later and we all agreed to follow the White Bull banner which I guess will lead us to our destination. At the end of the day we made camp, some of the others ate with the gnolls. Gregory and I camped away from the gnolls because it would be unbecoming for men to eat with monsters. The gnoll chief, Tornfang, explained to us that four of his kind have been taken captive. He said that if we rescue them then he will be forever in our debt. I can’t say how much I value the debt of a gnoll… The gnolls left in the night and we continued north the following morning.

After several hours of travel we find a human made of human flesh, this must mean we are in enemy territory. Just as we were getting our bearings here we are attacked by monstrous riders – no not riders, but some chimeric beast/horse hybrid. We rode out into the battle and slew our foes. Rulpsen called bolts of lightning and Burtl fought many beasts. We also encountered more of the friendly gnoll tribe. They told us they were making their attack on the tribe of Baru’ul’s Hand. This will make for a fine distraction for our assault. The gnolls warned us that the evil champion of the tribe may be present at the site of the stone pillar.

We rested in a planar pocket conjured up by Ozhar and left that night for our destination. When we arrived we saw a mysterious creature standing before a large stone monolith. The beast-man was chanting some dark ritual, so we prepared ourselves for battle and moved in.

I offered the monster a chance to surrender, but of course he denied. I charged boldly on drawing a hit in my reckless attack. The blow I struck was a telling strike. My foe remains. The team swarmed our foe, Rulpsen called more lightning, Ozhar transmuted me with great speed. I attacked twice, wounding and then decapitating my foe.

We spoke the command word and the barrier was lowered. Inside the stone obelisk is a stone foot locker. I cannot see a way into the chest, so we started searching the camp or clues, Worak spoke the command word and the chest opened. The Rod is ours!


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