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This is where the campaign began. It begins 300 years after the end of the War of Kings and the Great Rivening.

300 years ago, 4 great heroes vanquished a great evil and ushered in a new era, an era of exploration and trade. This age, the Modern Age, is the setting for our campaign.

Entry #1

Entered the town of Duvin, leaving Traven by the way of Rudil’s Pass. I encountered a group of mercenaries along the way:

Rulpsen – Dwarf Druid
Ozhar Aranthol – Human Wizard
Sarlinas Osserenal – Elf Monk
Asiim Vala’redah – Human Rogue

Later we met:

Hedherijanniker – Halfling Bard
Worak Torn – Half-Orc Barbarian
Mikel al’Adon – Human Samurai
Grenn Gragnor – Dwarf Fighter
Valania Moonwhisper – Half-elf Druid
Jaramin Theranhalldebadiusorinker – Halfling Rogue
Greogory Floman – Human Wizard
Vincent von Skelett Human Rogue
Jonah Gloscomerin Human Fighter
Aethr Vailidran Human Duskblade

In the small mining town of Duvin a minor plague has killed several people. Our caravan employer offered each of us an additional one hundred gold pieces to investigate the local mine. We agreed and made our way to the mine the next morning.

The entrance to the mine shaft was battered and bloody. A fight must have taken place here. A few minutes walk into the mine revealed a central chamber with a tipped over mine cart and a corpse. It is a silver mine. The miner was pierced many times. The cart he was under was trapped with a sonic blast. We moved on and some of the lads fell down a weak section of ground. Just as we were getting our bearings we were ambushed! The kobolds who assaulted us carry some form of sickness. When we fought their leader he tried to claim that some greater evil drove them up to attack. Sarlinas, the elf, was brought down and Ozhar was knocked out by an Enchantment, but we recovered and defeated our enemy. Behind the final slain kobold we discovered a secret door. There we found a sleeping room with two kobold children, we slew them and recovered some silver ore and a fine cloak. The sickness has spread to our company. Sarlinas and Ozhar have been afflicted and their has deteriorated the most. After checking the mine we returned to the town to rest. We have to keep our sick companions from going into town. We can’t risk spreading the plague.

Entry #2

I wake the next day with festering boils! It seems I am sick too… we meet a halfling traveler who saw we were sick and wanted to help us. He tells us there is a healer he knows not far from Duvin. Our employer, Christofar, says the master of the mine has gone missing. His name is Samuel and we are to recover his signet ring. Christofar says the mining company may have struck a stream under the rock which may carry the contagion. When we start our journey we are met by a gruesome sight. The town stinks with illness. many have fallen ill and many have died. We go to a nearby chapel hoping for healing, but it seems many have come before us. The yard out front is littered with those weak from disease. Our new friend, Hedherijanniker, purchased 200 gold worth of medicine.

We return to the mine. Further in we find a room full of corpses. I fear we must move into the chamber. Gods be good I hope we did the right thing. The corpses move! We are beset by the living dead. Sarlinas was downed, but Hederijannikker saved him with a potion. We slew the creatures and moved on. In the next chamber in we found a column of stone. Atop the tower I spotted a black banner with the symbol of the evil god Neth. This is no doubt the source of the plague. Vile water flows down from the ceiling cracks. At its base we found a half-orc bound and struggling. There was little time to talk when we were attacked by a man clad in black. He spoke of Neth, the evil god of death, disease, and all things destruction. The cultist threw many spells at us making the fight very difficult. Ozhar struck the killing blow with a bolt from his crossbow. We suffered many wounds, but none of us died from the melee. When the evil priest of Neth was vanquished the filth from the water vanished. Hopefully the sickness leaves our bodies with the plage. The slain priest too carried the plague and he wore a miner’s badge that identified him as Samuel. We recovered a well-crafted mace, two potions, and three scrolls. The magic glyphs on the pillar vanished, so we left.

The disease seems to have cleared up when we returned to Duvin. Christofar immediately wished to reward us with 300 gold pieces and was shocked to hear Samuel was involved. Worak was a little angry with Christofar, apparently his merchant company has been at odds with Worak’s tribe. The merchant promptly then rewarded us and told us that we make for Port Faen.

Entry #3

We travel now out of Duvin for a day and arrive at the town of Windell set in the mouth of Rudil’s Pass. The settlement itself looks busy and active. The sizeable town is centered around a square where we found a large merchant outpost. The store we entered is called The Commercian where we purchased two scrolls to divine the properties of the mace and cloak we found. The mace is a simple augmented weapon and the cloak provides light resistance. I took the cloak and Asiim equipped the mace.

The barkeep told us that a local aristocrat is building a large manor and lower-level. Sionas is his name, apparently from Port Faen, our destination. Over our cups we heard a rumble and a cry for help as something collapsed near the construction site. We dug a worker from the rubble and questioned the survivor. It sounds like there are some creatures here that caused a collapse. We found a dead halfling that had cut wounds on the corpse. There’s something going on here… perhaps these creatures did not cause the collapse, but Rulpsen found signs of these creatures’ movements.

We followed a short tunnel and found a curious, four-legged, monstrous rat-like creature. Asiim threw an alchemical fire-bomb that destroyed the little swarms around the beast and wounded the creature. It charged us, knocking Asiim and I to the ground, Rulpsen slew it and revived us with potions. We retreated and healed up.

Later we went to the Broken Hoof tavern to rest and discuss the next step. There Klem found us and was quite interested in the gap we found in the tunnel near the foundation. He tells us that one of the goals for the dig is to recover an old item from a tomb believed to be under the construction site. Klem offered us 150 gold pieces and some supplies to investigate the tunnel Klem’s servant delivered us some gear and we met Klem at the dig site. Klem tells us that the relic we are to recover is a sword with the symbol of family Hightower.

We re-entered the tunnel and found an old chamber with three stone doors. We found a switch that lowered the doors. Just then we are attacked by several tiny rodent creatures. We destroyed them and moved on. There we found another one of those mighty burrowing creatures. We slew the beast and moved into a large stone hall. There wasn’t much within; this place is very old and worn. We found a dried up corpse; on him Asiim recovered a belt. As we moved on we found the coffn of Loren of Hightwower, inside we found the body of the man hiimself. Necromancy reanimated the body and he knocked down Asiim, I turned the monster with my holy symbol while the others bashed the undead warrior to the ground.. We recovered the sword (our quest item) as well as a magic ring.

I tripped a dart trap on our way over to the next room. After healing we searched the room finding a magic, blue-colored pearl. We also found a finely crafted broach, a Hightower pendant, and ten platinum coins, We returned the sword to Klem and he paid us promptly. It turns out the ring allows the wearer to understand Celestial an Draconic. The belt improves the wearer’s strength and the pearl provides minor magical aptitude.

Entry #4

We arrive in Port Faen, parting ways from the caravan. A boy delivered a letter to our party saying we were Medarius and we should be ware. No doubt this person has made a mistake, but they must think we are related or connected to this individual in some way. The letter mentioned Krell and Kassada and the Blue Ox, so we went to the tavern. We loitered around a few hours, then we were summoned to the alleyway where Krell, a half-orc enforcer, attacked us hoping to bring our corpses to his master. We’ll settle this matter. Worak slew Krell and defeated the rest of his minions. One of the men fled. We left the area, killed some time and then returned to the Blue Ox hoping to meet Gregor or Kassada to settle this matter.

We re-entered the Blue Ox and spoke to an agent of Gregor who was going to “take us by force,” but thought better of it. Fairradelle is his name, he met the wounded sellsword who escaped from our skirmish in the alley. He took us to a richer part of town where Gregor is staying. We met with Gregor at last in the Boarding House. Gregor has lost some of his health to illness; he then told us a story about his relations with Medarius and Kassada.

Apparently Kassada (who Gregor does not trust) hired Medarius with Gregor’s help to acquire a magic Horn of Tsunamis. She cursed Gregor for not delivering on their bargain. Gregor asked us to destroy Kassada, she is a witch and is dangerous. We will have to take caution when attacking her lair. Gregor took us to the docks where this witch is allegedly hiding in an establishment called Sunderim’s Imports. When we entered an alarm went off and two sentries called for help. A wizard and a witch arrived. We dispatched them all, but Kassada got away using a water splitting spell and the aid of a sea creature. We found some treasures and left the harbor. In the fight a fire broke out and a maelstrom erupted beneath the wharf. We’ve caused a decent amount of mayhem in our short time here. We found a wooden chest which Worak smashed open. Within was a golden conch shell and some other valuables. If we encounter Kassada again she will be quite upset.

Entry #5

Finally we are able to negotiate passage from Port Faen to the city of Ark. The ship travels up the Rift Sea for four days. At last we arrive and before me I see a great walled city mounted on a large island. Our ship sails through a great divide in an impressive sea wall. There are countless other ships in the harbor. We must wait several hours before we are able to dock the ship. There is so much activity in this city, even at the dock. The very streets are bristling with activity. Shore men hustling through our ranks, sailors rushing off to pubs, and the town crier shouting for adventurers. I would feel lost in a sea of people if I were not mounted on my horse.

The road leads us to the academy where the town crier said we could find our potential employer. When we arrive at the inner city gate we are made to hand over our weapons and mounts The city here is cleaner and a bit more spread out, security is much tighter. Magic is much more commonplace here; inside we find a workshop with many craftspeople. We finally meet with professor Bartimaeus, a discerning gnome if I say so myself. There we met a foreign warrior with a mask and a curved sword. His name is Mikel al’Adon and will henceforth be travelling with us.

The professor went on to explain his alchemical plans. He wishes to engineer a magical method to equip the mundane. This machine would serve the people, but requires rare and valuable building materials. In order for this “God Hand” device to be built the professor has asked us to recover these items. We will be paid and offered services for travel or divination needs. The first item to be found is located in the “Bottoms” of the city. Hedherijannikker explained to us that this is the dark, impoverished side of town. There we will find a device called a “Nmemocitor” which allegedly collects magical and mental strength to be used by a spell caster. The previous owner, Barnebee, thought he could use the machine to travel the planes. He is now gone. Bartimaeus explains that the Nmemocitor is in a rock that is housed in an old temple of the Eight.

Word has it that the cult who idolize the Nmemocitor is called the Cult of the Chorus. The Bottoms is a dangerous and gloomy part of town. This corner of the city is run by a vicious group of thugs called the Red Fox Gang. Here a gang thief attacked us after we refused to pay his tribute. We slew him and his lackeys and moved on. This part of town truly is a dirt hole. Eventually we made it to an old church of the Eight. We found a symbol that resembled a musical note – this must be the sign of the this Chorus Cult. When we entered the temple a priest began chanting and using word magic to ensnare our thoughts. This was all a ploy to allow the cultists to jump us. After the melee broke Hedherikannikker saved us from the ensnaring music.

The cult leader, Sebastian, surrendered and we recovered the Nmemocitor. It was a hard fought battle, but we survived. We also pilfered some gold, full plate armor, a magic ring, and a masterly made dagger.

I lifted the mystical Nmemocitor cube and simply by touch I could sense immense magical potential. This untapped power could be put to great purpose.

Entry #6

We reported to professor Bartimaeus and he said a ship owned by the Rift Sea Trade Company has gone missing, In the cargo of the ship’s hull a certain item, a Tome of All Known, is needed. The professor told us to go to Baldric Mournstar at the Rift Sea compound in the north part of the city. The ship hails from The Rock in the north.

The Rift Sea headquarters is a fine office with sturdy furnishings. It was easy to find Baldric Mounrstar. Our reputation precedes us it seems, as Mournstar requested us specifically. The Red Wave Pirate group attacked the ship we are looking for. Their leader was once a Tradesman of the Rift Sea company. The ship carried fine foreign silks and spices. Mournstar told us to find an ex-pirate who can help us sell out his old allies. This ex-pirate can be found in The Bottoms, the slums of Ark.

We started our investigation by asking around Smuggler’s Cove. Hedherijannikker lead us to the tavern and whorehouse, the Pink Pearl. Here we are supposed to find Colrin Goldeye, a braggart and drunk, This hole is the filthiest hive of scum and debauchery I have ever seen. Colrin was quite repulsive. He does indeed have a gold lump of an eye. He wasn’t very cooperative at first so I yelled at him, but it was Sarlinas who got him talking. We recovered a map from Colrin which revealed the location of the Red Wave hideout. Bartimaeus provided a ship and crew to take us to the city of Krag, the nearest port to the hideout.

The journey took about five days. The coast here is rocky and with tall cliffs. The city of Krag is nestled in the cliffs of the coast. We set out for the inlet where the pirates hide their loot. The path is narrow through steep rocks. It takes several days to make our way south in the rocky mountains. The Red Wave base is sturdy and well protected. Sarlinas counted approximately thirty pirates with scouts and sentries. We moved in under cover of dark and began attacking their outer sentries. We marched into the main part of the camp drawing heavy crossbow fire. Our new party member, Grenn the dwarf, slew many pirates. During the battle Grenn was downed by a deadly ballista and Sarlinas brought down by a band of cutlass-wielding warriors.

There was much suffering, but we proved victorious. Victorious in that we survived. When I looked up from the pool of blood I found myself in (may the eight praise Rulpsen for healing me) and quickly took inventory of our situation. The pirates lay slain, but our own wounds were many. We regrouped on the beach to discuss our next move.

Entry #7

After the chaos of battle we rushed indoors from the sound of a woman calling for help. Inside the structure with the ballista on the roof is the captain’s quarters. There we found a tired up druidess named Valania. We searched the room finding a magic book, but not the tome we set out to find. Hedherijannikker claimed some fetching pirate garb with matching hat and eye patch. I found some documents mentioning Korval and shipping orders. I’ll have to read on this more, but for now we have to keep moving. Further searching revealed a golden, ornate compass as well as other navigational tools. We found a magical pouch filled with gold coins. We came across Valania’s animal servant, a leopard… whatever that is. The creature resembles an over-sized, feral, house cat with golden fur and dark spots.

We left the building and spotted our companions, Worak and Mikel. Dragging with them down the path we came up was a pirate taken prisoner. The prisoner told us that the captain keeps his treasure in a guarded shack next to the bluff. He says that the dead protect the trove. He also told us that the pirate captain uses signal fires to guide their ships in from sea. We devised a plan to smother one flame marker and then create a new one further inland. This will create a pair of signal fires which will lead the pirates aground. This will buy us some time and possibly sink the pirates’ ship.

We moved on to the pirate captain’s treasure cave. Worak triggered a trap and we moved on. Inside the tunnel we found a hefty pile of gold and a few side passages. Down the tunnel beyond the gold is a glittering tunnel. Gemstone and rock that shine like stars; I’ve never seen anything like this. Rulpsen led the way down here; the dwarf moved as if he knew where to go. These crystals seem to ring and twinkle like tiny beads of glass or marble. A loud shattering sound and bladed shards fell on Mikel and Worak wounding them further. These tunnels may not be totally sound. We ran to cover from the falling shards after Valania and Rulpsen were injured.

After a time we entered another chamber with a great saltwater pond. Before us is a small dock and paddle boat. We piled into the boat and began rowing to the other side. Suddenly zombified hands seized the raft. Worak and Mikel rowed with their powerful arms while I cried out to the Champion to route our undead enemies. Valania summoned a shark to defend us while the others fought the zombies. Just as we were approaching the shore our boat crashed and Valania and I fell out. Worak fell in as well and sank quickly. Rulpsen and Sarlinas threw us ropes, but the dark water and bloated zombies made escape difficult. Eventually my allies rescued me from the depths.

We found even more treasure at the far end of the pool: 8,000 gold, and an assortment of gems, a diamond-studded crown, 5 scrolls and 2 vials. We also found barrels sealed shut with stolen valuables inside. Fortunately the pirates kept a magic scroll for walking across the water with them. We marched across the surface of the pond with the treasure and began the arduous process of getting the loot out. On our way to the surface I slipped down a pit trap, injuring myself a little.

When we reached the outside we saw the wreckage of a pirate ship. Corpses everywhere and ruined rigging and debris littered the beach. It seems our trap worked. It looks like the Red Wave pirates have been destroyed. Gods be good; I pray there were no prisoners or innocents with the pirates on that boat.

We got our horses and rode for Krag. There we boarded our ship and sailed back to Ark with the spoils from the quest. The trip took a week and a day. The captain of the Rift Sea Company offered to buy the recovered valuables off of us. He identified the magical items for us; we got quite a bounty!

Hedherijannikker equipped the captain’s magical outfit. The gold we have decided to keep in a party fund. The magic book boosts the reader’s personal strength, which we have given to Worak.

Entry #8

Professor Bartimaeus called for us by way of page messenger. The gnome was working on his alchemical masterpiece when we arrived. He said it would take take a few days before he knew what item he’d need next. The magister of the Captain’s Coast (the wealthy part of town) has asked for our help. Belgor Tullen is his name, the magistrate of the Captain’s Coast. Hedherijannikker tells us that Magistrate Tullen is a bit “hands-off” so to speak and the aristocrats appreciate that. We step into the magistrate’s office to find him feeding himself with a feast; he is quite fat. Over a glass of wine the magistrate explained the issue he has. Apparently a local family lost their elders and the son took over. He described a series of disappearances, first animals, then the homeless, and now noble heirs and children. Somehow this family, the Dresdan family house, is involved. He has asked us to look into the matter. The district guards report a gnome drug dealer named Grissle has been seen coming and going around the Dresdan house. Grissle sells Maw Salts, a powerful narcotic. A newer, stronger version called Planar Gate has been seen on the streets. The magistrate has offered us the property deed to the Dresdan house if we take care of this problem. The magistrate pointed us in the way of his guard captain, Sturg, who may have more information for us.

As we travel through the Capatin’s Coast district I notice the guards have less to deal with. I say that because we found many of them paying little attention to their posts and more to the rear ends of the noble Ladies. Captain Sturg offered to buy any confiscated drugs we find. He also gave us directions to the Dresdan estate. The surviving offspring to the Dresdan family, Alan and Alar fell from their respected place and turned to drugs, drink, and women. The Maw Salts they deal in affect the mind with a trance. It sounds like a hallucination which gives the user false courage and dulls their pain. If we have to face any addicts we may have a fight on our hands.

The Captain’s Coast is a nice part of town. The streets are paved with stones and fences ring well tended gardens. We arrive to the Dresdan manor and find the estate is badly maintained. Inside the house we found many crazed drug addicts; we subdued them and continued the search. In the main hall we were attacked by highly intoxicated degenerates. The crazed peasants had no feeling of pain, so we had to use force. During the fight Worak was afflicted with some malady that caused him to attack the party. He swung for me and Hedherijannikker, but missed in his rage. I tried to paralyze him with a spell, but it did nothing. Eventually the effect wore off and we collected the remaining drugs.

We entered the cellar to find Grissle the maker of these drugs. He commands truly horrid beasts stitched together from numerous human parts. The gnome alchemist offered us surrender; we turned him down of course. Grissle threw fire bombs and ordered his wretched creatures to attack. The combat was fierce and Mikel was slain by one of Grissle’s abominations (which we learned were what was left of Alan and Alar), but we won the day and defeated the evil alchemist.


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