New Valgard

Neuvalgar, previously New Valgard


New Valgard is located in the Northeast coast of the Rift Sea. It is populated mostly by the descendants of refugees from the Silveníl, peviously Valgard.

The capitol is Middenholme and it is ruled by the King Valery I. The rest of New Valgard is divided into a number of Duchies centered around the major cities. These nobles report to the King and serve as his advisors. The majority of the highest ranking nobles hold court in Middenholme and leave the day-to-day ruling to lesser nobles and governors.

Neuvalgar, as it has come to be known amongst the common people, is home to the Kingdom. The culture of Nuevalgar focuses heavily on honor and tradition. They have been the slowest to adopt the new forms of warfare, still relying heavily on the heavy cavalry and knightly chivalric ideals and the peasant levied armies. The kingdom and it’s duchies still utilize an outmoded feudalist society, at least outmoded according to their neighbor nations.

Each duke or duchess is responsible for raising the taxes, maintaining order, and raising their army in their duchy. Most of the populace in Neuvalgar are poor peasant farmers, who toil the land and scrape a living from as best they can.

The worship of The Ten exists in Neuvalgar, but it is not dogmatic. The dogmatic practice of the faith has fallen out of practice and norm, especially after the closing of the Maw. They entreat the aspects to help them, and there are festivals to praise each of them, but it would be a rare, if not unheard of, occurrence for a knight to cry out to the gods. Instead, small sacrifices, or small offerings at roadside shrines or at the now unmanned temples across Neuvalgar. There is no priesthood, or powerful religious presence in Neuvalgar. The peasants had limited interaction with that type of faith to begin with, and over the last few decades and century that type of worship has fallen out of practice.

Knights Errant and Men-at-arms of the Duchies are not an uncommon sight. These men hold strongly to a lawful code of chivalry and honor. Punishment is swift, decisive, and brutal but generally fair, that is to say that it is applied equally across people.

New Valgard

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