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Aenor: The Heroes of Greywater Keep

It is an age of adventure and danger and opportunities for adventurers abound.

It is also a time of darkness. The wild places of the world creep ever onward. The magic of planar travel is lost to time. The roads are long and dangerous, plagued by brigands, orcs, and beastial humanoids. To travel alone, unarmed or unprepared is to invite disaster upon yourself.

The trade companies, for only their well equipped and guarded caravans can traverse the roads safely with regularity, control most of the commerce. Humanity lives well within it’s walls and towns, but in the space between cities and in the oft patrolled regions, few live on their own.

Ark stands as a beacon of hope and knowledge for all the races, a hub of learning and trade. The Kingdom of New Valgard and the Kallonian Empire are humanities strongholds. The dwarves of the Irondeep and Dragonspine Mountains stick mostly to themselves. The wood elves of Arrenil are seen rarely, choosing to dwell almost entirely in their forest refuge, while the White Elves of Silvenil practice powerful magic in their warped and blackened realm. Gnomes study contentedly in Ark and the human cities of the world, and halflings find their way any way they can.

The berserk warriors of Bar’uul own unsettled places of the world, the dread followers of Regetorix plunder and dominate those weaker than they, and the fel, dead, minions of Neth rise ever more frequently from their graves to plague the world.

400 years ago the Last Heroes ushered in an era of peace and rebuilding, but when their influence was lost as they died or disappeared, the darkness that was kept at bay now creeps steadily onward. Now only brave adventurers and heroes dare to venture forth and seize their destiny.

Old Intro

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