Religions and Gods and Goddesses
Present Day: The Gods have but a very tenuous touch upon the world and a limited ability to impact the world. Where they have gone is not known, but their power no longer fills clerics with great power, and their effect upon the world has lessened to a mere trickle or power.

This reality does not stop the faithful from believing that they still watch over. Even when the gods were accessible, the normal folk of the world had limited interaction, and so the change was barely noticeable. Because of this, especially where the Churches maintained influence, the gods are still worshipped and revered and their followers await their return, or seek to expedite the return.

Righteous Deities


The Aenorim
The polytheistic worship of the 8 Aspects

1.) Judge: Gavel
2.) Jester: Dagger
3.) Master: Anvil
4.) Champion: Sword
5.) Child: Top
6.) Custodian: Shield
7.) Elder: Staff
8.) Traveler: Boot
Symbol of the Deoch (The 8 Aspects as 1): 8 Pronged Wheel 


God(s): Miraq, or Miraq
-The Monotheistic faith of the Alys’Razuur
Explanation:  “Miraq”: God of the sun, and glory.  The Eternal Watcher.
Symbol: Gold Sun on white field.
Opposed by the Cabal of Djiin.

Omnor:. God of life. Creator. Compassion.
-initial introduced by Vicar Lyron who wrote the Precept of Truth 

The faith that elves follow worshipping their Woodland and Night goddess and her consort
- Lotheni and her consort Lignullus.
-They represent nature and communion with it.
-Lothleni is portrayed as a half-elf half-doe, and Lignullus is portrayed as a Half-Stag-Half-Elf
-Symbol is a tree with deep spread roots

The faith of the dwarrow, reverring The Stonefather, Üdin.
-The creator of the dwarves and great smith of the world.
-Symbol is Hammer and Pick crossed over an Anvil

Elemental Gods:
Vadun: God of Earth
Ilya: Goddess of Fire
Turmos: God of Water
Shalas: Goddess of Air
The Elemental gods represent the most potent examples of True neutral deities. Rarely worshipped, the gods of the elements seek to make all else into themselves. They are loosely personified, but are the essence of the element itself.

Evil Dieties


Regetorix: “Tyrant of Tythus”
-God of Tyranny, Evil, slavery, and power. Ruler of the of evil outsiders and the plane of Tythus


Bar’uul: “The Berserker King of Ignazh”
-God of Chaos, slaughter, war, destruction

Neth: his counterpart. God of Death, Evil, hatred.
Symbol:  Skull


Followed mostly by the Silveni, Luzari is the goddess of the elves that abandoned the forest. She is the estranged sister of Lotheni
-Portrayed as a tall, pale elf, with platinum blonde hair and gold eyes.
-Goddess of magic, secrets, and power (chaos, magic, knowledge, trickery)

Tribal Deities

Xoxocuzcatla, the tribal deity of the Xoxtlaca Lizardfolk/Dragonkind, also known as Garland of Flowers and the Greatmother, is the green Dragonflight leader, a Great Wyrm with millennia of experience. Her followers provide sacrifices and ritual battle to her in honor.

Orcish Shamanism
Animism that reveres the spirits of the world.


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