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Pathfinder/D&D 3.75: Rules will be based on Pathfinder SRD, including most classes, feats, skills, and CMD/CMB, however, some aspects, rules, and classes will be ported over straight from 3.5.

Full Caster Classes are not allowed, that includes Cleric, Sorceror, Wizard, Witch, and really any class with flashy, full blown magic. Bard is still allowed.

Instead, I am adding a handful of classes including Alchemist, Gunslinger (Houseruled as named Pistolier, Musketeer, and Dragoon), and Cavalier, among others.

Magic Items and Materials: Magic items are now mostly left over from the proliferation Pre-Maw, and so are growing in scarcity. However, there are still many ways to make potions and weapons and armor, as well as a few other gadgets.

Brightsteel and Darksteel: These magical elements, mirrors of eachother, convey enhancement bonuses to the weapon or armor they are forged out of, up to +5 (priced as Magic items)
Darksteel/Tsothite: Grants Enh bonus, also absorbs small amounts of light and heightens shadows, granting +2 Circumstance to hide. Effect is 5 feet around wielder.
Brightsteel/Arcanite: grants Enh bonus, also sheds light like a torch, granting -2 Circ to hide.

Mithril and Admantine are prized materials, as is Cold Iron and Truesilver. These can be made into Alloys with Brightsteel/Darksteel

Some items can be made with additional properties, but these become more and more expensive. Some Artificers have crafted weapons that burn with flame from masterfully crafted chambers of Alchemists fire, or boom with thunderstones. Or armor covered with a special lacquer that turns well placed blades. (Mechanically acting as enchantments)

True magic items especially those of singular nature are highly prized and sought after by collectors, adventurers and the Artificers Guild.

Alchemists and Artificers are able to imbue/create potions and oils and poisons and the like to copy similer effects to spells.

Direct healing via spells and divine input is reserved only for the most devoted paladins. However, the world is still imbued with magical reagents that can be used to heal people. Potions are alchemical creations, but there are also bandages and poultices from natural ingredients. Reference Skill Healing Alternate Rules for more specific rules.


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