War of Kings

Kallonia and Valgard


Black soot and powdered blood blows across the Wastes, where butchery and fire has turned a once verdant and prosperous land into a wretched and lifeless land. The fallen city of Azron stands in the center, crumbling like a great mason jar never fired. This sad rift in the land divides two kingdoms, and two families, that were once one. Where prosperity, learning, and music were once the pride of this land now only war, hunger and bitterness exist.

The Kings think only of destruction and revenge, of conquering this fallen kingdom and wresting their “birthright” from the lifeless hands of their once sibling.

But war, just as peace, presents opportunities to those willing to seize them. The wealth of the fallen cities and armies that litter the Wastes is as real as it is legendary. The chance to make a name in battle, to claim wealth through slaves or mercenary work; these are the promises of a land at war.

There are two, where once was one. This is the riven kingdom of Archaelia.

History Overview:
Many years ago the King Daelyn Archavion ruled over Kingdom of Medara beneficently from the capitol city of Azron. The kingdom was wealthy, proud, and everyone within it enjoyed prosperity.
The King had two sons, Kallus and Vallon, twins. Neither was considered the elder, as the king believed it would breed resentment.
When they came of age the two were each given rule over one portion of the kingdom under the rule of their father.

Vallon was lord over the city of Westward and Kallus was the Lord of Greenhaven.

Five years after the sons took their seats in the cities king Daelyn died. It was rumored he was murdered, but no records from that time exist any longer.
The brothers were consumed by grief and anger and both attended the enormous funeral for their beloved father. However, something happened between the brothers there, something terrible and they parted ways in anger.

When the time came to settle the kingdom and declare a new King something tragic happened. The once loving brothers now turned against each other, each declaring that the other had planned the murder of their father.

The brothers summoned up their liege lords and men-at-arms and marched on the Royal city. The brothers each camped on opposite sides of the city and approached with their guard an entourage to attempt to claim their title. The Steward of the Royal City, Chamberlain Gregor Jaros refused each brother in turn, stating that for the good of the kingdom the brothers must reconcile and rule jointly. Each brother refused outright. Chamberlain Gregor replied that he and the Capitol guard would hold the city until they reconciled. The brothers renounced him as a usurper and promised to take the city by force and mount his head on a pike.

Thusly began the first Battle of the War of Kings. For months the brothers attempted to take the city. They battle the walls and each other. Thousands died, and the entire countryside surrounding Azron was decimated before the city finally fell. It happened almost simultaneously on each side, and the brothers’ armies converged in the city, killing the inhabitants and fighting to the keep. The brothers met in the throne room and battled each other furiously until each was nearly dead from dozens of wounds. Their respective men finally stepped in and helped their liege to safety, retreated through the city and burning the glorious city to the ground, to ensure the other side could not have the city.

The Brothers retreated back to their capitols and the war began in earnest. The men under Vallon declared him the rightful king and declared that his realm was now Valgard, with the Capitol of Westward. Kallus’ men declared him king and his realm was known as Kallonia.

For nearly 45 years the brothers waged war and an area nearly 2 days ride wide between their kingdoms became uninhabitable and so The Wastes were born. Full of outlaws, monsters and untold treasure from hundreds of battles and the fallen city of Azron.

As the Kings grew old their sons took up the war and the hatred. The two kings died leaving their kingdoms and wars to their sons. The sons of the Brothers now each in their 70s have continued the war for more than 20 years.

-25 WoK: King Daelyn Archavion rules Archaelia. Vallon and Kallus are born twins in the first month of the year.
-5 WoK: The Brothers are given lordship over their respective regions.
0 WoK: King Daelyn dies. Brothers fight over throne. War of Kings breaks out. Kallus take’s surname Ironbough, Vallon takes surname Westwind
1 WoK: The Royal City Azron is sacked. It is looted, burnt to the ground and all inhabitants taken as slaves or put to the sword as traitors.
5 WoK: King Kallus’ son Kharnus is born. (Kings Aged 30)
7 WoK: King Vallon’s son Vallon II is born. (Kings aged 32)
30 WoK: An area the length of the kingdom and 2 days hard ride wide divides Valgard and Kallonia. Becomes known as the Wastes.
50 WoK: King Vallon Westwind Dies at age 75. Vallon II becomes King at age 43.
56 WoK: King Kallus Ironbough dies at age 81, Kharnus becomes king at age 51.
78 WoK: Current Day. (Kharnus aged 73. Vallon II aged 71)

Total: 78 Years of War.
Kingdom of Archaelia
Westward-Valgard, Greenhaven-Kallonia,

War of Kings

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