Stermolk, “Mammoths Milk”: Made from the fermented milk of Mammoths from the far north of Jond by the Frostgiant master brewers, this extremely potent drink is a thick, frothy, and chunky drink, generally found in large Milkskins made from the smaller third stomach of Mammoths, and is frequently found with tufts of mammoths hair in in.

Jondic Mead: Brewed from the honey of the poisonous bees of the numerous fjords of western Jond by the Northern Neuvalgar and more peaceful southern Jonds. Strong drink.

Silveni Starlight

Dwarven Ale

Rover Moonshine: made from a variety of different grain mashes generally in a still in the back of a rover caravan, this alcohol is extremely potent to all except Halflings, on whom it does not have as powerful of an effect.




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