Entry 3: Continuing to the Village

Collected Pages from Pindleton's Journal

Unfortunately, my recollections of the next few days are hazy. I was overcome with a terrible case of The Sloshes, and in my illness was struck with a fever that incapacitated me for some time. As such, this entry in the journal will be shorter than usual. I will stick to the necessities.

(Note: Tig was also overtaken by the illness, and spent much of the last day being violently ill from his mouth and anus. I believe the Sloshes came about due to an undercooked rabbit we had for dinner. While I am not sure who prepared it, I am sure that I will be taking more control over the preparation of my meals from now on).

After we regrouped from the bandits, we continued up the north road. Our journey was uneventful. However, we did cross the paths of a migratory herd of Wool Spiders. I had only heard of these majestic insects in old histories; to see them was truly an awe-inspiring experience.

Unfortunately, I was not sick for our next encounter, although I wish I was. We came across The Boatman’s Inn, where we met a well-meaning Half Elf named Dingle. This poor cretin was not simply “touched in the head.” His brains had been stirred up so thoroughly that it was a wonder he could survive in Grex at all. While his company was exasperating, his operation was adequate. For lunch, he served us the finest meal I have yet had in Grex, a savory meat stew with hearty chunks of meat and fresh carrots. Without his help we would not have been able to cross the large river next to his inn.

After we were ferried across, we continued our trek. My legs were sore at this point – It was all I could do to keep pace with the others. As we made our way South, we came across a gruesome sight – the corpse of a gnome lying in the middle of the path. This gnome had been severely burned all over his body. Flakes of his skin took flight on the wind. I took sketches of the scene (note: this appeared to be a murder. However, it appears to be unrelated to the previous half-elf mutilations we have encountered.)

At this point we set camp just off the main path. Buck managed to capture several rabbits and a Winged Pika for dinner.

Midway through my watch, I felt a pain in my stomach. I was incapacitated with The Sloshes for the rest of the night. When we broke camp, I was so weak from illness that Ironsong had to hoist me over his shoulder and carry me down the path. (Note: Tig was much sicker than I was. Due to the explosive and spontaneous nature of his symptoms, as well as his weakness, he was stripped to his undergarments, hogtied, and dragged along the ground behind Buck, Krawaal, and Dougal. An unpleasant experience for all involved, I’m sure.)

The next several hours are a blur. We approached Small Ville (The colloquial and correct name of the town) and chanced upon another Gnomish body – I am told that Dougal was able to resuscitate her, although she was incoherent upon her waking. At this point I must have become delirious from fever – This woman we rescued appeared to be covered in scabs and burns; she was most hideous.

I then saw the image of a naked gnome running through the streets, hurling fireballs at our party. A most unusual sight indeed. His skin was shiny, as though he was covered in a sort of oil. His bright purple hair sprung from his scalp and crotch. I could not see properly, but there appeared to be marks all over his body, bright scars carved into unknown shapes.

I was set down by the Half-Orc next to Tig. My companions gave chase to what I believed an odd hallucination. I lay in the street, trying not to spew sickness on my clothes. I watched in increasing confusion as my friends leapt about the town, springing from rooftops and giving chase to the naked gnome. This gnome tossed fireballs at them, great gobs of liquid fire. At some point a dwarven woman stole up next to me. She looked anxious to help, and when I told her about our quest and my ailment, she quickly procured a potion that soothed my stomach and fever.

I was feeling well enough to join my companions when I saw a large explosion. I rushed to the scene, only to find Jack T. Buck covered in flames and screaming. He stripped off his burning clothes and began running, his leather hat streaming fire behind him. The naked gnome (apparently some sort of Professor; I missed that detail in the haze of my illness) was killed by Krawaal, who choked this crazed wretch and beat him to death.

I chronicle these events while we regroup after the fight, and attempt to stop the fire from taking Jack T. Buck. Tig appears to have recovered (Note: Perhaps he was visited by the same Dwarvish woman as myself?) I have added diagrams and pages from the Professor’s workbook. I anticipate much work ahead. If I am successful, this backwater mining town will be a crown jewel for the Durgle family.


RJONeil Toninasty

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