Kingdoms and Regions

In the center of Aenor is the city of Ark. The greatest city on Aenor, allegedly, it is a massive city that houses the worlds wealth. The largest port and center of almost all the organizations that specialize in trade. All races, all walks of life thrive in Ark, and it has the greatest diversity of culture on Aenor.

The center of Aenor is Medara, the Riven continent, divided by the Rift Sea.  The western half continent is owned by the Elves of the Arrenil and Silvenil. The eastern half continent is home to the human kingdoms of New ValgardKallonia, Jond, Dravania, and the independent cities.   Deochism, or the faith of Eight Aenorim, as taught by Willon Diogenes, is the predominant religion.  It is closely followed by Omnorism, a monotheistic faith in the God of Life.  Irondeep and Wyrmhearth are the dwarven mountain kingdoms in the North and south respectively.  The thick forest and mountain jungle of Verdwyld is deep and has only been minimally explored, and is the home of the Reptzal Empire. The North is blocked by the Nordrostr Glacier, an endless expanse of ice. To the east lies the Endless Sea, a vast and uncrossable sea. To the south, the Sea of Storms rages, uncrossable as the storms sink any ships that stray too far from the coast.
p. Somewhere Across the Sea of Mist lies the continent-isles of Xin, where lies the Empire of the Xin, inhabited by the Xineans, sometimes known as “Faceless Ones”.  The Xineans are a pale skinned race of humans with black hair, who wear elaborate burnished metal masks and never show their true faces. Their masks are crafted into fantastic shapes, with demon faces, and animal faces, and various human face patterns.  Their Empire is rumored to be vast and rich, but not Medaran has ever crossed the Sea of Mist.

The desert continent of Razuur  is separated from Medara by the Dragonspine Mountains.  The Razuur Desert, aka the Sea of Razuur, is inhabited by the nomadic tan skinned Alys’Razuur, or children of the Razuur. The Alys’Razuur traverse the enormous desert on sand-katamarans and adhere to Miraqam, the monotheistic religion of the “Endless Watcher” whose symbol is the sun.  It is rumored that they have magnificent cities in the heart of or past the desert, but no Medaran has ever seen it.
p. To the far southwest of Western-Medara and south of the Arreníl and Orc’s tooth mountains are the Stormburnt Isles. The Stormburnt Islanders are black skinned and black haired.

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Kingdoms and Regions

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