Magic is a rare, powerful and dangerous commodity in Aenor after “The Fall”. Numerous groups coalesced into a managing and training body for those who still looked to practice arcane. There are distinct branches of magic that have become even more divided by the effect the fall had on them. Magic is available to at most 1% of Humans. Elves still manage to maintain about 10% access to Arcane and Nature, down from a much higher number, dwarves still have a strong 10% Divine and Nature, with their Stone priest still representing a major societal force.

Arcane Magic: Trained and Bloodline
- Arcane magic users are policed by The Tower and it’s agents, who find, train, and control them. Inherently more unstable than some of the other magics, there are those who demonstrate the intellectual capacity and seek out the Tower in Ark, but enrollment is extremely expensive and gruelingly difficult. Then there are those whose blood still carries ancient power or blessing, these are found and brought back for training, as an uncontrolled Arcane user is dangerous and problematic. Found to be the power of the “Void” and aberrant, users are closely monitored for any sign of corruption. Arcane casting is illegal, on pain of death per Inquisitorial decree in Kallonia. Arcane magic causes restlessness/nervousness in natural areas and animals.
Anathema to Nature Magic

Nature Magic: Gifted
-There are beings and forces still in existence who are able to identify those who are in tune with nature and grant them communion with nature. These individuals tend to be of great power, and wise. Nature is fickle and dangerous, however, and use of any manmade materials or tools angers it greatly, sometimes rendering the caster powerless for days or weeks at a time. Most druids are recluse hermits deep in natural areas. Cooperation with Arcane users upsets nature.

Musical Magic: Talent
The best musicians in Aenor found themselves still able to practice the magic of their craft and remain untouched. Magical scholars were baffled, believing these practioners to be using Arcane magic, but have been forced back to the drawing boards. The Philharmonic was organized as an elite group of musicians and bards.

Divine Magic: Connection to the Outsiders
Users of divine magic were, in the past, those who had a particularly powerful connection to the divine. Now, even more so. Divine casters are so in tune with that outside force that they can be corrupted or dazzled by the power. These users frequently go insane, or brain dead if they are not of sound enough mind and spirit.


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