Grex is the newest Province of the Kallonian Empire. When the Empire built the Underpass, they found a wide open land with numerous large herds of creatures resembling tame buffalo. Settlers began flocking to this area for its promise of more land and freedom.

A new frontier, it is called, the Empire has given settlers free reign to stake their claim, but there is little official presence in Grex. The legions are involved in ongoing wars against the Xoxotlaca Draconians in the south, the separatist White Fang in Dravania, and conquest in the southwest. There is not the manpower to guard and build Grex, so the legion is posted at the entrance of the Twinpass Rail to keep the Eastern edge of the Empire safe.

The town of Breach sits at the exit from the tunnel and is home to the Provincial Governor and council houses, but they are much less gran than in other areas. So far, only 2 groups of settlers have travelled through the still mostly untested tunnel.

The town of Grave is the up and coming settler town. Rough and tumble, it is the center of most of the settlers in the region, and just outside the iron fist of the Legion. Grave is where it will all happen in the coming years.


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