When the Emperor Kallacus Ironbough reassumed the surname Archaevius, and declared Kallonia the descendant empire of the ancient Medaran empire, he ushered in a series of major reforms, now known as the Kallacian Reforms. Borderline obsessed with the Medaran Empire of his long dead forebears, and sick of the rampant corruption and decadence of the nobles, Emperor Kallacus and a handpicked group of philosophers, generals, and Omnorite priests reorganized the running of the Empire and the laws into a meritocratic system. With the exception of the Emperor, the power was removed from the nobles and centralized. The feudal army levies were replaced with a standing professional army. The thuggish noble’s enforcers were replaced by honorable officers of the peace. The corrupt taxcollectors of the nobles were replaced with Imperial magistrates and councilmen. The members of the new Imperial Bureaucracy were handpicked or elected from the populace.

The reforms had been secretly planned for many months and then overnight enacted, an impressive feat. The nobles were required to stand down, they could keep their personal wealth, but the ruling class was replaced with a “Rule of Three” council system, that broke power down so that it would be difficult if not impossible for one group to overwhelm others. The Kallacian Reforms also made Omnorism the official Imperial Religion, and empowered the members of the Ecclesiarchy. Kallacus also made old Medaran the official state language, while Common remained the Lingua Franca. While only partially effective, it did officially change the names of the cities.

Kallonia also launched a “cultural enlightenment and protection” campaign into the surrounding provinces, just prior to the defeat of Tsothogga. They successfully brought Dravania into the Empire as a protectorate province, allowing the Baron to continue ruling, per the popular wishes of the people. The Valgards were not as easily convinced, and repulsed the expeditionary force, causing a tense border situation to be created and it continues to this day.

After the defeat of Priam and Tsothogga, and the ensuing darkness and loss of magic, the Empire was the quickest to rebuild and adapt. Kallacus spent countless amounts on infrastructure projects, employing dwarves, gnomes, and numerous guilds to rebuild the roads and bridges. Additionally, he employed the dwarves to construct a tunnel through the Eastern mountains, after explorers found that there was rich land on the other side. The Kallacian Underpass was constructed at great expense to the imperial coffers, as the gnomish inventors were also employed to construct the Twinpass Rail.

On the other side of the Eastern mountains, there was lush grassland, perfect for grazing and farming, as well as enormous herds of game. However, within a few months of the first settlers being established in the new Eastern province, called Grex, a new threat arose in the form of an Insectoid race that was seemingly immediately hostile. The Kallonian Empire now fights an ongoing battle against this seemingly never ending tide of creatures.


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