The Omnorite Ecclesiarchy is one of the 3 branches of power in the Kallonian Empire. This makes the Ecclesiarchy it’s members extremely powerful and the Ecclesiarch second only to the Emperor and equally as powerful as the Principal Governor and the Grand Legate of the Empire. Omnorism is the official religion of the Empire.


On matters of religion, compliance to and teachings of, the Ecclesiarchy has first and final say except to the Emperor. The teachings and practices of the Ecclesiarchy are rigid and dogmatic, allowing for little deviation.

Primary Tenets:
1. Omnor is the only True God, creator and God of life and Justice and Truth.
2. Omnor will protect his followers.
3. It is the duty of all followers to spread the truth of Omnor
4. Omnor allows no perversion of his faith, teachings, or of his people.

The Religious priests of Omnor are expected to be celibate, and direct themselves to the protection, teaching, and guidance of the followers of Omnor. The Ecclesiarchy accepts that other beliefs exist, but hold them to be misguided. If teachings other than the official Dogma are propagated by any within the borders of Kallonia they are subject to interrogation, re-education, detention, and if necessary elimination by the Ecclesiarchal Inquisition. The Inquisition is also responds to threats of unmanaged and unregistered magic users. The Ecclesiarchy believes arcane magic to be a perversion, as it has led only to destruction, especially the loss of direct connection to their God. As such, it is illegal to practice Arcane magic (Philharmonic members are exempt, due to some agreement, but are still distrusted) and in fact it is considered Heretical.

The Orders Militant protect the missionaries who travel to other kingdoms, as well as fighting in the ongoing Eastern Expansion


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